There’s a whole bunch of new activity, including new fans, new shows, new original material in-the-works. One of the big things coming up that I want everyone to check out is a big, big event August 24-27 in Alex, Okla., the Doxa Extreme Rodeo. Check it out on Facebook — — and it’s way more than a rodeo. It’s also a music festival and more. It really is Extreme. I’ll be there co-hosting the whole 4-day event, and I’ll be the headline show on Aug. 27. Meanwhile in the next few months, the band and I are going to be all around in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, back home in Arkansas, and we’re working on some shows in Texas and other parts of the country. As always, I truly appreciate all of my fan support and encouragement, and they way y’all have been buying my CD and T-shirts to keep me on the road and in the studio. Keep in touch with me on Facebook! –

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  1. J.T. Kelly

    Milton, Please ” Keep it ‘Country’ “. Again, do not follow the path of least resistance. The video “Trouble” is terrific! Stay on the course with country music. Your voice is great and excellent for country music. Your voice is better than many I’ve seen on either CMT or GAC. Again, “Keep It Country!”

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