Country singer Milton Patton doesn’t want to be stereotyped

Salina Journal
Jun 16, 2016

A broken relationship turned Milton Patton’s blues into country gold.

Patton grew up in a small town in Arkansas near the Mississippi Delta, where he listened to blues music and rhythm and blues tunes.

An aspiring singer, Patton decided to pursue a different musical path after hearing a song on the radio by country superstar Brad Paisley. As Patton was driving to work one day, emotionally distraught after a recent painful breakup with a girlfriend, he listened to Paisley’s hit song “Whiskey Lullaby.”

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from Milton News

There’s a whole bunch of new activity, including new fans, new shows, new original material in-the-works. One of the big things coming up that I want everyone to check out is a big, big event August 24-27 in Alex, Okla., the Doxa Extreme Rodeo. Check it out on Facebook — — and it’s way more than a rodeo. It’s also a music festival and more. It really is Extreme. I’ll be there co-hosting the whole 4-day event, and I’ll be the headline show on Aug. 27. Meanwhile in the next few months, the band and I are going to be all around in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, back home in Arkansas, and we’re working on some shows in Texas and other parts of the country. As always, I truly appreciate all of my fan support and encouragement, and they way y’all have been buying my CD and T-shirts to keep me on the road and in the studio. Keep in touch with me on Facebook! –